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I am Amanda

My passion for helping others started early

I grew up pretending to be an operator for “Rescue 911.” My career advanced at the age of 9 when my grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes. I checked her blood glucose, mixed and administered insulin. It seemed the field of nursing called me from a young age, so I became an RN and subsequently, a Nurse Practitioner.   I founded McGuire Health Advocates because I saw patients and families frustrated, not knowing where to turn or how to navigate the fast-paced, complex healthcare system.

Knowledge is power.  In the case of health care, it can be lifesaving.  I love teaching people about their health, connecting the dots so you and your family are informed, supported and empowered.  This inspires confidence and improves outcomes.

• I’ve been dedicated to the health care profession for more than 12 years.  I obtained a Master’s degree in Nursing from The Ohio State University and became dual certified as an Adult and Advanced Oncology Nurse Practitioner.  I felt driven to use this experience as a tool for changing our health and well-being experience.

I attended the independent RN Patient Advocacy Program affiliated with The University of Arizona.

As an Oncology Nurse Practitioner, I’ve celebrated in triumph with courageous cancer survivors. I’ve also held hands and comforted many people after an extraordinary fight, as they or their loved ones left this world. I am always humbled and honored to be a part of such moments.

I believe that we should utilize all of the knowledge available to us to develop the best plan for you.  This includes the use of conventional, functional and integrative medicine.



About Me

I am a native of Asheville, North Carolina. Therefore, I’d like to believe I am inherently filled with southern charm.

I am an avid traveler.

I love animals and I am quite fond of a petting zoo.  However, some animals are only meant for viewing. (Ask me about my close call with a leopard.)

I love to sing and can often be found making improv tunes with my best gal pal.

In addition, I play the drums.  As dedicated to my clients as I am, I like to think of myself as a rock star both on and off duty.

I laugh often… made possible by my husband.

I do Step for exercise.  Yes … the kind from the 80's.



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