20 minute Complimentary phone consultation 

During this conversation, we will review basic information and establish your goals.

1-2 Hour Initial Assessment - $250

This is when you share you story. The assessment includes an in-depth review of your history and current conditions.  Together, we determine which services are ideal for you, creating a step-by-step action plan to improve your health experience.





What is a RN health advocate?

The health care system can feel somewhat like traveling to a foreign country for the first time. There is a lot to take in and it can be difficult to know who to trust and what resources to use. A RN health advocate is like having your own local tour guide. We are clinically experienced nurses, so we know the medical language and how to translate it for your understanding. We will form an alliance with you and your loved ones to ensure the right questions are asked, thorough research is done and informed health care decisions are made.


Are your services covered by insurance? 

McGuire Health Advocates services are not covered by insurance. In truth, I prefer it that way. If the insurer reimbursed for my services, they would control what they would and would not pay for. In short, they would control the care you receive.  Working privately and independently, I can focus solely on your needs.


How do your services differ from advocates at the hospital or with my insurance company?

Our allegiance is to you alone. When you’ve had a poor experience, advocates that work for the hospital often become involved to prevent law suits. They are there to put out fires. McGuire Health Advocates is there to prevent them. Nurse Navigators are frequently assigned to cancer patients. These professionals are reassuring, but how objective, thorough and effective they can be is limited to the confines of the recommended treatment at that institution. Lastly, advocates who work for insurance companies are taught to make recommendations that will save the insurer money. You need unbiased care planning. That is what we provide.


Will my doctor or the hospital be offended if I show up with an advocate?

In years of working with doctors and other medical providers, I can assure you that when one of their family members were facing a health challenge or were hospitalized, they stepped in as their advocate. Why shouldn't you have the same advantage? A RN health advocate is simply another member on your team. We are all working to ensure you have the best outcome. McGuire Health Advocates aid in that process by preventing medical error through enhanced communication and notifying the doctor promptly if a concern arises. We keep them informed of what is happening with your other medical providers.  In addition, we can spend more time explaining what is happening than their schedule allows.  


I work with clients both virtually & in-person

Continuing professional service fees will be assessed on an hourly basis

Send me your details and I'll be in touch to discuss your needs