Patient Advocacy Services

• Prepare you for and/or accompany you to medical appointments or hospital visits. 

• Collect and process all the information about your care and explain what is happening.

• Coordinate care and communication with each of your physicians.

• Research all medical literature to discover the full range of treatment options for you.

• Comprehensive review of your medications and supplements.

• Create a unique timeline of your medical history.  (Think Cliff Notes version of your entire medical record for your wallet.  Your doctors will love this!)


Family & Caregiver Support

• Ask the right questions and relay information from medical visits. 

• Aid in safe and successful transition of care (critical after surgery or hospitalization).

• Visit your loved one in an assisted living or nursing facility.  Review medications and optimize care.

• Teach you to be your family's best advocate.

Teach you to be your family's best advocate.

Wellness & Disease Prevention

• Root cause analysis for problems with sleep, mood or weight.

• Guidance on how to detoxify your home and body.

• Personalized approach to determine the best foods for your body.

• Strategies for stress reduction and energy renewal.


Pre-Pregnancy Planning


• Strategies to enhance fertility naturally. 

• Guidance on supplementation before and during pregnancy.

• All wellness & prevention services that are carefully adapted for this special time.


The following are services that I do not provide


Medication prescriptions

Legal services


In-person services are available in Western North Carolina.  Phone and Video Conferencing consultations are available throughout the United States.