"When I fell and broke my wrist, I was given two different options for surgery. Amanda asked the questions that I didn't know to ask, and provided me with the latest research on each approach. She reviewed the information with my husband and I so that we could make an INFORMED decision. She didn't stop there! She consolidated my medical records into a document before my surgery. After the surgery, she provided gentle reminders of our care plan. She encouraged and reassured me that I was healing as expected. She made fun videos of the exercises I was to do. I used these every day for weeks. I didn't require Physical Therapy and my surgeon was in awe of my progress. He even offered her a job!  Amanda is a joy to work with and an amazing source of knowledge."
- Gail

"After the birth of my second child, I had an enlightening conversation with Amanda. Like many, I always wanted to be the healthiest version of myself but never had the time to research what changes I should make. Amanda presented such compelling information and her enthusiasm was captivating. She identified areas where small changes could have a huge impact. I plan to have another child, and with Amanda's guidance and expertise, my husband and I have a comprehensive pre-pregnancy plan in place. With Amanda's services, I didn't have to do the research, she had done it already! It is because of Amanda McGuire Johnson that my family is on the path to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle and prepared for the next addition to our family."

- Kim

"I met Amanda following my breast cancer diagnosis in August 2012. I was blessed to see her for visits during my breast cancer treatment. She was always extremely kind, compassionate and informative. I would always leave my appointments with her feeling much better than I did upon arrival. Amanda's ability to connect with patients is amazing and because of this I began to look forward to the frequent oncology visits. I believe the people you come into contact with during a difficult time can make or break your experience … because of Amanda, mine was wonderful. She has truly been a blessing in my life and I am thankful for her."
- Tammy